Sonam Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is a star with a sense of humour. He is not bothered about his daughter Sonam Kapoor’s bikini scene in the upcoming flick, Bewakoofiyaan. Instead, he points out that it would ensure the film a huge opening.

At a press conference for Bewakoofiyaan, Sonam said: “My dad knew about that (the bikini shot). He is an artist and very open-minded... actually he was the one who encouraged me to become an actress. He didn’t say anything, he just said the film would get a good opening.”

The actress says she didn’t feel pressure to achieve the perfect body she flaunts in the film. She explains: “I didn’t have to work hard because I play a regular girl. I have a tendency to put on weight, but my routine was the same for this film. You will not see me as a film star in this movie.”

Sonam makes it clear that she knew about the scene at the outset and was comfortable with it.

“When I signed on to the film, it was my idea. I was briefed that there was a swimming pool and I have to wear swimsuit. I said my body is lean and thin in the waist so let’s just show that. If you see the shot, unlike the shots in films like Dhoom or Race, the cameras are not focused on the body,” she explained. –