Ekta Kapoor is famous for her outspoken attitude. According to reports she is very upset with Kareena Kapoor. Also, Ekta posted a message on her cellphone saying “heroine” is equal to “damaged psycho + dumb bimbo”.

Rumour has it, Ekta is miffed because Kareena walked off Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2.

A source said: “Ekta was not happy that Kareena opted out at the last minute. Kapoor did not even hear the script. Ekta has been telling people she’ll never work with her in the future. A few days back, Ekta had a funny message on her phone: Damaged Psycho + Dumb Bimbo = Heroine (we all know Heroine is Kapoor’s upcoming film). This shows she is not happy with her.” – Oneindia.in