Bland, predictable, unoriginal.

FILM: Stars Liam Hemsworth, Michael Anganaro, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, directed by Dito Montiel.

Okay, the cast tells us to expect an ensemble piece, set in New York City, and that is what we get.

Also true to Montiel’s work, there are some interesting characters and the setting is very realistic.

But, this is a film and we want to be drawn into these peoples’ lives. We want edge-of-the-seat excitement and some thrills and spills. You have got The Rock in your cast, for crying out loud.

But, no. What we get is a story about a guy who has to settle for being a security guard because he can’t get into the police academy.

Chris Potamitis (Hemsworth) stupidly tells his best friend Eddie (Anganaro) that the security at the office is extremely lax and, next thing you know, the place keeps on being robbed. When Chris is there.

Throw in The Rock as a cop in charge of the investigation … well, here’s where the back of your brain is screaming at you that things aren’t right. Back in the ’70s when this is playing out, he would never have been allowed to such a position of prominence. But, they needed a star to attract attention.

The premise is great, and the story and characters would be engrossing, if only the presentation in terms of pacing (which is stop- start) and detail (which is lacking) had been better.

SPECIAL FEATURES: None.– Theresa Smith