A sort of Prison Break for the big screen.

ESCAPE Plan certainly does transport fans to Sylvester Stallone’s Lock Up with its bleak milieu.

With our celebrated action hero Sly approaching 70, he is clearly keeping the Rambo in him alive with myriad movies that show him flexing those massive biceps – yep, he still has them – and fearlessly taking on the bad guys.

Cast as Ray Breslin, he plays a former prosecutor who co-owns Breslin-Clark, the security firm that specialises in one distinctive field – testing the security of maximum security prisons. And, Breslin is the Michael Scoffield for this particular job. Having just completed one tough assignment, Breslin finds himself thrust into another – this time for an off-the-books case of a new top-secret prison.

Despite having some misgivings about the job, he soldiers on with the plan only to find it has been a subterfuge and that there is a greater plan at play.

Waking up in his new hi-tech abode, he befriends fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and they conspire to break out. Meanwhile, Breslin’s colleagues start getting antsy about his disappearance and dig deeper into the case to uncover an enemy in their midst.

Meanwhile, Willard Hobbes, the overconfident warden, takes every opportunity to let Breslin know that he owns him and that there is no escaping. Of course, Breslin disagrees and this sets off an interesting chain of events.

Escape Plan is an entertaining action flick with an array of thrills along the way. That action giants like Stallone and Schwarzenegger are paired, is inducement enough for fans. After all, they certainly prove that they are far from expendable in Hollywood.

SPECIAL FEATURES: None. – Debashine Thangevelo