"Riddick III"

Riddick Blu Ray


More violent than the first two films, this one definitely aims for an adult rating.

FILM: The first Riddick film successfully concentrated on the characters, while the second one was a huge set piece of amazing special effects done on a huge budget. This one goes for the jugular, with some nasty violence and plenty of spurting blood. Riddick (Vin Diesel) doesn’t just kill, he does so with maximum bloody effect.

Riddick has been stranded on some weird planet that is not Furia and figures out a genius way to get off it – tell the mercenaries where he is, and they come running.

In many ways this film is the first one, just inverted. Not only in terms of the story, but also the visuals, like light where the first was dark and the other way around. He also gains a dog-like pet in this one, and manages to reveal more about the character.

It is a return to the basics that the fans liked from the first film, the main character is a lean, mean killing machine (with a heart, he does save the doggie, after all) who just wants to get home and will kill with impunity anything and every- thing in his way.

The question, though, is how many films before we actually reach Furia? This film is very much aimed at the fans and is shaping up to be a series aimed at this one result, getting Riddick home.

SPECIAL FEATURES: the visual effects do much to create the story, so vehicles and the scenery needed to be well realised, as explained in one of the short features.

Another feature discusses how Diesel created the character and how much input the fans have given, while another gives the other actors a chance to introduce their characters. Director David Twohy discusses his process at length and there is also a pre-vis, animated version of the beginning sequence. – Theresa Smith