The Paperboy


It’s about the people who play…

It is the producers and the players that make this one so intriguing. Director Lee Daniels is the director who gave us the explosive Precious.

Here he turns to something completely different with a cast that includes Nicole Kidman going way down low as white trash involved with a murderer on death row.

Journalist Matthew McConaughey is trying to get this particular scumbag off on wrongfully accused charges.

This one hit the screens in 2012 and was perhaps the start of McConaughey’s interest in a more indie type of film which landed him this year’s Oscar.

That’s one of the reasons to watch as well as Kidman’s portrayal in a role that seems to be everything she’s not and that’s always fascinating to watch.

Zac Efron is the other eye candy as the younger brother of the investigative journalist who is just trying to keep busy but then loses his heart to the wrong girl.

Set in Mississippi in the 1960s, this steamy thriller relies on the dark mystery the bayou conjures up for audiences because it seems this is where secrets can disappear in a morass no one can get out of.

It’s not the crackerjack it should be but there’s enough to get you watching and its certainly the best way to see it, in the comfort of your home. – Diane de Beer.