Welcome to the Punch


Glossy, stylish and oh-so-empty.

FILM: The opening sequence of glass and steel shows us modern London, cool, steely greys and the neons. It’s serrated concrete tunnels, Gap and the Victorian touches as a cop in a car chases down several thieves on bikes and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Skip forward three years and the cop and one of the robbers from the opening sequence are about to clash again.

Director Eran Creevy allows a few set-up scenes and then it is all well-choreographed action sequences and bullets flying. It’s all suspense and moody.

Despite potentially a strong cast of Mark Strong (the bad guy), James McAvoy (the cop chasing him) and others, the thin plot does not allow for much character-isation and the people remain as stock standard as the storyline.

People change allegiances, more shots are fired and secrets disclosed at a fast pace, but then we finally get the moment, that all important moment when the cop asks the bad guy: “But why didn’t you kill me, that night in the tunnel?” and…

Ja, all the build-up, well-staged fights and visual polish, and it ultimately does not pack much of a punch.


– Theresa Smith