Ever since the late ’90s, Disney’s reimaging of the world of princesses and fairies has dominated merchandising lines, but at the heart of it lies some very cute stories.

For this holiday season there are two new additions to the catalogue. Merida from Brave isn’t officially a Disney princess yet, but it won’t be long before the fiery red-haired Scottish princess joins the ranks of Cinderella and Snow White.

Unlike the earlier Disney princesses, Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) doesn’t wait to be saved, but does the saving herself, after she unwittingly curses her mother to a fate worse than death.

This film’s message emphasises communication and the animation, while not ground-breaking by Pixar standards, is still crisp and sumptuously detailed.

On the fairy side there’s a new Tinker Bell story, with the fourth film – Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings – now out on DVD.

In this story Tinker Bell meets the frost fairies and learns about the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. It’s all terribly cute and the little ones are going to love it.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The charming short film La Luna and just as gorgeous Legend of Mord’u are included on the Brave DVD, while the Tinker Bell dvd has two music videos. The Tink Blu-Ray disc also contains bonus games, while Brave features lots of behind-the-scenes info.