Thandaza Silwane (above) and Beulah Sikhosana (bottom) in Edges, a series of musical vignettes about adulthood. Picture: Albie Bredenhann
Edges is a contemporary, coming-of-age musical, created by multi-award-winning America song-writing duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

In a series of musical vignettes it explores the trials and tribulations of young people moving into adulthood while navigating issues such as individual identity, complicated relationships, societal expectations and unrequited love.

Oakfields College Faculty of Dance and Musical Theatre once again impresses with a most professional presentation of a highly entertaining production.

Tailor-made for a student cast, it rides on a youthful energy and provides ample performance opportunity to a large cast.

Director Jackie Rens sculpts each vignette into a little work of art, each having been inventively conceived, imaginatively constructed and skilfully performed, doing justice to the delightful quirkiness of the lyrics. Her clever use of social media platforms and icons is fascinatingly funny without once becoming gimmicky.

Rens’ directing is meticulously delineated without compromising creativeness and without restricting her performers’ spontaneity.

There is a surprise waiting around every corner, which makes the work pleasantly unpredictable and exhilarating to watch.

The biggest feat of the production is the students’ more-than-competent mastering of Pasel and Paul’s intricate and challenging score.

Musical director Dawid Boverhoff and singing coaches Ona Ackerman, Clint Lesch and Schoeman Smit, deserve a special mention for having so proficiently refined the students’ vocal performances.

Weslee Swain Lauder and Tamlyn Watt’s choreography is invigorating and most entertaining. Their tongue-in-cheek style is overtly theatrical and is most amusing to watch.

It is evident that these students are trained by specialists who all have a thorough understanding of the demands and standards that are set in the professional industry. Clearly this makes all the difference.

* Tickets at the door. Online bookings can be made at or call 0861 670 670.