DIRECTOR: Rajesh Mapuskar

CAST: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Vidya Balan, Nilesh Diwekar, Satyadeep Misra, Deepak Shirke


RUNNING TIME: 143 minutes


THE Hindi film industry is going through changes. The mood in the industry is that of experimentation and a wide variety of stories are being explored.

Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, first-time director Rajesh Mapuskar and writer Rajkumar Hirani choose an intelligent plot in Ferrari Ki Sawaari, garnish it well with humour and emotion, cast splendid actors, and presto – a heart-warming tale of unconditional and unmitigated love between a father and his son is out for public consumption.

One can easily count the number of Hindi films that are so genuine and have inherent honesty in them. Ferrari Ki Sawaari is one of them. Uncomplicated and unpretentious in the truest sense of the word, it wins your heart because it’s such a relevant and relatable story.

A young kid, Kayo (Ritwik Sahore), thinks of nothing but cricket. His father, Rusy (Sharman Joshi), thinks of nothing but his little boy. To fulfil his son’s dream of playing at Lord’s, the honest and upright Rusy performs the first small act of dishonesty in his life. He borrows a gleaming red Ferrari. Just for one hour. The only problem: he doesn’t inform its legendary owner (a cricket star). A wild, breathless, bumpy ride begins.

It’s a ride that leads to a host of amazing characters: a wedding planner who’ll stop at nothing, a Laurel-and-Hardy-esque pair of loyal attendants, a greedy politician and his reckless son and a mechanic who specialises in stolen cars.

As the Ferrari zooms through this chaotic world of street thugs and mass weddings, another saga unfolds involving a grumpy old man (Boman Irani), his secret wounds and a rivalry that goes back 50 years. A naive Rusy must dodge bullets and bouncers for one unforgettable night and play the role of a perfect father. Can he?

Director Rajesh Mapuskar uses the expensive car more as a metaphor for conveying an ordinary man’s larger-than-life dreams, and does it beautifully.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a gratifying movie. The premise is interesting, the screenplay is engrossing and what sets it apart is the palpable sincerity.

Joshi has amassed acclaim for his acting skills, but Ferrari Ki Sawaari will make people sit up and notice his range as an actor. Irani delivers one of the most accomplished and dextrous acts. Ritwik Sahore is a brilliant discovery.

The youngster is cast opposite some of the finest talents yet stands up to them in every sequence. He is charming and endearing in the light moments and sparks up the goings-on in moments of anxiety.

Paresh Rawal is superb in a cameo. Vidya Balan ignites the screen with her lavani number. The supporting cast is tremendous. On the whole, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a noble film that has its heart in the right place.

It is well-intended and sincere and goes about its business with incredible earnestness. Of course, the film has its share of hiccups but it is an accomplished effort. This heart-warming film should not be missed. –