Forest Whitaker & Eric Bana. Picture: Supplied

'Black Panther' star Forest Whitaker is set to portray Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the upcoming thriller 'The Forgiven' and tweeples aren't impressed with his accent.

The trailer for 'The Forgiven' dropped late last month and while everyone, for the most part, let Whitaker's strange  "African" accent slide in 'Black Panther', his latest attempt at a South African accent has left tweeples cold. 

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Whitaker and Eric Bana as Piet Blomfeld star in the upcoming thriller based on a the play 'The Archbishop and The Antichrist' follows Archbishop Tutu as the President of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post Apartheid South Africa.

The Twitterverse had zero chill when it came to Whitaker's accent this time around and Bana's was critcised for his portrayal of the South African Afrikaner accent.

'The Forgiven' is set to be released in America on 9 March, with SA's release date yet to be announced.