A scene from the candid camera sequel Ek Joke Net 2.

DIRECTED by Stefan Nieuwoudt, the candid camera sequel Ek Joke Net gives us more of the same. There are students caught up in a drug bust, a blind man asking bystanders to help him buy condoms, and even Fokofpolisiekar getting punked.

Altus Theart and Yolandi Malherbe worked with the main pranksters, Hannes Brummer, Lelia Etsebeth and Solomon Cupido, to prank people from Pretoria to Cape Town. The skits are all centred on catching someone out for a laugh. If you are not into candid camera it will simply not work, but if you like the concept you’ll find it hilarious.

Ster-Kinekor’s decision to preview the film so late means no film review, but this kind of candid camera work relies more on word of mouth than whether any film reviewer thinks the cinematography is particularly fetching (the first Ek Joke Net was technically sound so this one should be better) or whether the scenarios are believable.

If the jokesters could find someone to punk, then that makes the film a success.

Ek Joke Net has an age restruction of 10-12 PG LS and runs for 95 minutes.