BRING IT ON: Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in Holiday.

Akshay Kumar will be back on the big screen in Holiday after an eight-month break. Bollywood Hungama’s Joginder Tuteja reports…

IN less than 25 days from now, Akshay Kumar will be back on the big screen in Holiday. The film’s promo, which was launched a few weeks ago, has already garnered close to 6 million online views, with close to 90 percent approving of what AR Murugadoss and Vipul Shah have to offer.

With positive responses to the film and the songs, and with Akshay and Sonakshi Sinha generating a good buzz as well, all appears to be on course for this action thriller. It wasn’t long ago that many felt Akshay was doing too many films in a year. Now that Holiday is coming eight months after Boss, he is being missed more than ever. Isn’t that ironic?

“Oh, really! I thought it was only you who thought I was doing too many films a year – you ask me this question more than anyone, mate,” said Akshay. “The question is: Have you missed me? What was it that Robin Hood said? Yeah, that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, people, I hope you are very fond of me by now, because I am back!”

Akshay doesn’t deny that this period of no releases was confusing emotionally. “Eight months has actually been my longest off-screen break ever. I have enjoyed the silence, I must say. But then I am more than happy to be diving back into promotions. I have a newfound energy, so let’s bring this on. Let’s see what you have in store for this soldier, who really is never off duty,” he said.

It appears, though, that it was a conscious decision on his part to have such a long break between his two films.

“See, my job is to act, be a producer’s actor and get on with the job at hand. What producers and distributors do with their films, their dates and their money is entirely up to them,” said Akshay.

“As you can tell from a few of my past experiences over the years, if it was actually up to me then I wouldn’t have released many of my films on the dates chosen.

“But then it is not my call and it is not my place to say. I do give my opinion when I feel I need to, but at the end of the day the ball is not in my court.”

Well, now that Akshay is back on the big screen, one just hopes that it all kicks off on just the right note with this thorough commercial entertainer bringing audiences back into theatres all over again.

In Holiday, Captain Virat Bakshi comes back home to Mumbai while on leave from the army.

His family takes him to see a prospective bride, and he feels that she is too soft and an introvert.

Later on in the film, he discovers she is actually a boxer, and is surprised by her feisty personality.

He falls in love with her, and the story revolves around the two of the them and a friend of his, who is a policeman. At one point, antisocial activity in the heart of Mumbai gets him involved in something huge.

Bakshi, being a patriot and a special agent in the army, is dragged into a network of terrorism. The rest of the story is about his fight against terrorist leaders and his removal of sleeper cells from Mumbai. –