Nakhane Touré in Inxeba (The Wound). Picture: Supplied

Inxeba (The Wound) star Nakhane Touré shared his feeling about the controversial movie receiving an X18 reclassification from the Film & Publication Board. 

While the actor has been mostly quiet regarding the backlash to the film from the various groups, Touré  has now come out and shared an emotional post on his social media pages. 

In the post, the singer writes about his life as a gay man in a homophobic environment and that he is allowed to be "emotional" and refuses "to live in shame for [the] patriarchy to keep on living". 

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The reason for the reclassification came after the Film & Publication Board received a complaint from CONTRALESA (Congress of Traditional Leaders) claiming that the film is culturally insensitive and distorts the Xhosa tradition of circumcision, (ulwaluko).

The complaint was brought on by Contralesa Gauteng as well as The Men and Boy Foundation.