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DIRECTOR: Bill Condon

CAST: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Green, Kellan Lutz and Mackenzie Foy





SWOON is exactly what Twihards and Twifans will do when they see the undeniably gripping fifth and final film of the Twilight series.

Bill Condon was laudably unfussy with his direction. He kept the story from wallowing in melodrama.

However, when it came to the steamy love scene between newborn (“recently turned” in vampire lingo) Bella (Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Pattinson), he didn’t apply the same restraint.

The high-school romance has come full circle since Twilight became a cult hit in 2008. Having survived many battles – mostly involving Edward protecting Bella from bloodthirsty vampires such as James and the Volturi who didn’t take too well to a vampire falling for a human – their love always triumphed.

That’s not forgetting a lovelorn Jacob Black challenging Edward every step of the way.

Part 2 follows on with Bella, looking über hot with her red eyes and sylphlike figure (despite having only just given birth to her half-mortal, half-immortal daughter Renesmee, played by Foy – ah, the joys of cinematic liberties), revelling in her newly acquired abilities of speed, agility and unbelievable strength.

And let’s not forget her sexual appetite, which has become as voracious as her thirst for blood.

Amid the changes, though, Bella doesn’t take too kindly to finding out Jacob imprinted on her fast-growing baby daughter before she even had the chance to bond with her.

However, before Edward and her get the chance to play happy family in a very Tudor-style cottage, a new crisis surfaces.

Irina, a relative of the Cullens, wrongly believing Renesmee to be an immortal child, rats them out to the Volturi, who arrive in full force to eradicate the entire family for violating vampire law.

In an attempt to avert what would be an undeniable bloodbath, the Cullens call on their distant relatives to bear witness to the truth that Renesmee is no threat and, in so doing, avert the imminent battle.

This final chapter is epic for a plethora of reasons. First, the conglomeration of the Cullens’ extended family unveils an array of gifted vampire warriors in their bloodline.

Also, Edward and Bella are very grounded with their marital status – and effortlessly slip into over-protective parent mode.

Aside from Edward and Jacob reaching an understanding, Bella finally grasps the full evolution of their friendship and Jacob’s role in Renesmee’s life.

Despite the mammoth task of giving a multi-star cast ample scope, Condon handles it with proficiency and never allows them to over- shadow his lead characters.

The cinematography, which lives up to the standards set from the beginning of the franchise, is vivid and sharp. Aside from encompass- ing the transformation of Bella, the storyline is also tinged with those infamous tongue-in-cheek lines.

And the build-up to the battle scene – with the Cullens joining forces with the werewolves against the Volturi – is mesmerising. That’s not forgetting the jaw-dropping twist… with Alice (Greene) playing a crucial role.

Ultimately, Twilight has always been about a fairytale love story.

Laden with mystery, romance, fantasy and action, fans will enjoy the final journey as Bella and Edward fight for their happily ever after in a heroic showdown.

If you liked… Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1… you will enjoy this.