Katrina Kaif

It’s not unusual to hear of Bollywood celebrities being rumoured to be couples, but for actor Arjun Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, they are rumoured to be siblings.

It was reported some time back that Kaif has made Kapoor her brother by tying a rakhi on his hand six years ago and thus the duo won’t ever share the big screen as a couple.

However, Arjun rejected the talk: “It was just a joke that’s been taken too far. Katrina used to threaten me, saying she will make me her brother by tying me a rakhi, but she never did. And anyway, it was all in jest.”

When asked if he’d be okay with on-screen romance with Kaif, the actor said: “Yes, it’s not like she is my sister Sonam and we can’t work as an on-screen couple. Katrina is a good friend. I am open to working with her any day.”

Arjun is believed to be dating actress Alia Bhatt. While Katrina is said to be sharing a “more than a friend” relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor. – Oneindia.in