London beauty Katrina Kaif chatted to’s Vishal Verma about her film with Bolly hottie Salman Khan, Ek Tha Tiger. Here’s what she had to say about the “Tiger” (Khan), working with Yash Raj, and much more…

The hype around Ek Tha Tiger is tremendous. How does it feel?

I am happy, excited, we have tried our best. The hype started when the first promo came out and the reaction was extraordinary, way beyond our expectations.

Salman Khan’s movies are hero-oriented. How do you define your role here?

Ek Tha Tiger is primarily a love story, but I do not play a glam doll, someone roped in for the eye-candy. I have a strong role in the film.

How did Salman, you and Kabir come together?

In this trilogy Salman is the centre point. When I was offered New York I was a bit nervous as the genre was new to me, I had never done such an intense dramatic character before. When I discussed New York with Salman, he immediately asked me to do the film. Salman said he had met Kabir and seen his work and he gave me the confidence and showed full faith in Kabir.

You have worked with Salman before and after he became a box office phenomenon. What changes have you noticed in him?

Salman is the same. There is no change. Circumstances… have changed, the people and the industry’s perception have changed, but he is the same.

You and Kareena Kapoor have worked with all three Khans. How do they deal with the rivalry?

I have yet to work with Aamir, but I have not noticed any such feelings. They all are gentlemen and I don’t think they nurture such rivalry amongst themselves. The media creates such rivalry.

Yash Raj has provided you your career dream space in Bolly.

Yes. New York was my most dramatic, intense role, Ek Tha Tiger is the most awaited at box office, I am doing a romantic film with Shahrukh Khan as my co-star and Yash Ji as the director who has helmed B-town’s most amazing romances. I am also doing B-town’s most successful series, Dhoom 3, with Aamir.

Where do you see yourself in the industry?

I was an outsider. I had problems with Hindi, but I have tried hard. Today I have confidence when I go on set. Initially I had to cope with criticism. I was aware of Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, but had not met them. Now I have worked with them. I was quite nervous initially while working with Shahrukh and Yash Ji, but we started understanding each other. Now Yash Ji and I crack jokes and understand each other’s humour and space. -