Why did you take seven-year break from action films and do you think Rowdy Rathore is perfect for your comeback?

I feel this movie is the best launch for me. Rowdy Rathore is a raw action film directed by Prabhu Deva. It took seven years because I wanted to take a break from action. Before this I did action for 14 to 15 years, but it’s never too late and now I have three or four action films in hand.

How different is the action in this film to your previous films?

It is very different. It is a raw action. I was more into martial arts and technical fights, but this is a practical and complete street fight.

Describe the dancing experience with a great dancer like Prabhu.

Well, surprisingly Prabhu sir is such a good choreographer, but he didn’t choreograph for me. In the film he didn’t choreograph, but he used to help me and do the steps in such a way that it appeared simple.

How rowdy you are in real life?

Very rowdy.

Rowdy Rathore is being compared with Dabangg. Your comments.

It feels good when my film is compared to big hit, but not with a flop.

Producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not an action film producer – when he offered you the role what was your reaction?

Producing is different from directing. I don’t think he would like to direct any action films and even if he does, then I am sure it will be good because he loves action film.

He called Prabhu sir and he said he wanted to make a film with lots of action so they came up with Rowdy Rathore. Even the title was suggested by Sanjay.

Did you have to undergo any special training for this street type fighting?

Every day I train, so there wasn’t any special requirement to take on any other training.

Has today’s action become safer with special effects?

Yes. Now, it’s safer than before as now there is a lot of machinery involved, but the thing is you still have to work hard at it.

Where you offered any action films over the past seven years?

I used to get many offers, but I deliberately turned them down.

You have not grown a moustache for the role, have you?

No. Because it would have taken 72 days to sit at home without work and I cannot afford that luxury.

With 20 years in the movie industry – which genre do you think you have you mastered?

After doing 12 comedy films you don’t become a master of it, after doing 15 action films you don’t become a master of action.

Action, comedy, thrillers, horror, drama… the more you get into, the more you explore. It is just a genre, but there are lots of branches which we are not even aware of.

Every year people come up with new things in every genre. I see myself learning more and more from these kinds of films.

You are someone who always shies away from controversies.

(It) might be that I have escaped controversies. At times there are situations which become controversies.

Nobody likes to see negativity about them in the press. Everyone wants to hear good things about them.

At times you get trapped in such situations, but I have been lucky enough to have escaped.