Daisy Shah

From chorus dancer to Salman Khan’s leading lady in the recently launched Jai Ho, Daisy Shah is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with on the big screen. Bollywood Hungama’s Satish Sundaresan spoke exclusively to the film’s heroine about her new role…


To start with, how does it feel to be the lady of the moment, with all eyes on you?

I feel special because so many people are looking up to me in a good and also in a bad way. They expect lots of things from me, but are also ready to rip the hell out of me.

Don’t you feel your story resembles a typical Bollywood story plot, like that of Urmila in Rangeela and Manisha Koirala in Akele Hum Akele Tum?

I would say it’s more like Rangeela. I have thought of it so many times. All that I can say is that “reel” life stories are not “reel” life all the time. Sometimes, it does get converted into real life (smiles).

In the same breath as Rangeela, please tell us as who is the “Munna” (Aamir Khan) of your life?

No one! Please help me find one. (Laughs).

Not many get a second chance in life, especially when it comes to working with Salman Khan. After refusing his Bodyguard, don’t you consider yourself extraordinarily lucky to have been cast opposite him in Jai Ho?

Let me tell you honestly that thinking I am lucky is a huge understatement for me! I really know I am extraordinarily lucky. I have heard, and also know for a fact, that Salman does not approach anyone a second time. When someone says no, there is no chance of his looking back.

How is Sohail Khan as a director?

He is a chilled-out director. I have seen directors screaming their lungs out on the sets. I have never seen Sohail bhai stressed or even losing his cool once!

In fact, there were times when the people around him would be restless and stressed out, but definitely not Sohail bhai. The reason for this is because he knows his work very clearly.

How did you land up getting the much-coveted role?

It was totally out of the box. After having refused Bodyguard, I thought I had lost Salman for ever. But I feel there must be something good I have done to have got the role.

Where are the locations in which the film was shot?

We shot the major portion of it in Hyderabad, Lavasa, Romania, Dubai and some other locations.

Can you recall any funny or memorable incident during the shoot of the film?

When we were shooting for the Photocopy song, I fell down five times! Since I am a trained dancer, everyone was wondering why I was not able to get the steps right. The reason I kept falling was because I was slipping on my dress!

Please tell us about the audition you had to undergo for the role?

I underwent a proper screen test and there was an additional test also in my case… and the test was to behave like a drunk girl trying to catch ducks! What’s your take on the numbers game in the film industry? Also, do you feel that Jai Ho will be able to break the power-packed records set by landmark films like Dhoom 3, Chennai Express etc?

When it comes to numbers games, I am too small to talk about it, because I don’t even understand that term. But I really hope and pray that Jai Ho breaks all the records (laughs).

Now that you are part of the big whirlpool of stars, you will have to live with rumours and controversies almost every day. Are you ready for this?

Don’t you feel all of this has already started? It’s totally okay with me. I am a very contented person that way. I know what is the reality and as long as my near and dear ones and I know the reality, it’s okay... others can think whatever they want to... it makes no difference to me whatsoever. – bollywoodhungama.com