CAST: Yemi Blaq, Frederick Leonard, Emeka Ani, Constance Okoro and |Andy Boyo


RUNNING TIME: 98 minutes


I thought an “action-packed adventure that is sure to keep you glued to the screen” is what would unfold in The Spirit of the Assassin. After all, that’s what the marketing blurb said.

The opening credits of flames shown over suggestively “evil” type photographs hinted at a premise meant to be eerie and fierce. In the opening sequence, detective Menta Dung (Blaq) is called in to seize a “nasty killer”.

The first encounter gives us a taste of things to come, with the killer in a fight scene that smacks of the ridiculous, with weak kicks and punches and sound effects that would elicit a giggle from any Bruce Lee fan.

The story is that of the most lethal assassin the world has ever known who, 264 years ago, walked Earth with a rural clan in Africa.

He was unstoppable in his deadly rampage until he was killed himself – or so they thought. Now his spirit roams the Earth, possessing men and women the world over, with the sole purpose of assassinating leaders from Africa to Dallas, Texas.

His list of kills over the centuries is entertaining as leaders from Nigeria to JFK are proved to be some of his hits.

Now, five generations later, a descendant, Daniel (Leonard), must search for and stop the spirit (Onmutua), along with Detective Dung. Because, you see, if he doesn’t, the world will face the wrath of Onmutua.

The special effects are something to behold, and not in a good way. From car chases to explosions and Onmutua flying, they look like cartoon drawings pasted on the screen.

The camera work is not much to be desired as scenes are shot shakily and cut-aways and close-ups are badly framed.

This film is highly entertaining, but not because it’s funny, or well made. Quite the opposite, in fact. The storyline, props and special effects are so absurdly low-budget it becomes laughable.

The film doesn’t help the cause of Nollywood much, but if you’re the kind of person who watches Africa Magic with the sound off for the fun of it, you could get into it.