Tumisho Masha. Picture: Supplied

Harlem Int'l Film Festival ‘excited’ over world premiere of Mandela's Gun.

Mandela's Gun, a biopic thriller of Nelson Mandela premieres at the Harlem International Film Festival in New York on May 6.

Sharing the exciting news on social media, the Harlem International Film Festival, wrote:

The much anticipated biopic thriller Mandela’s Gun has arrived. We are excited and proud to announce our world premiere at the @HarlemInternat May 6th. Directed by award winning British director John Irvin and starring South African actor @TumishoMasha. #mandelasgun #powerisours”.

The film tells the explosive story of Nelson Mandela's experience as a guerrilla fighter for the African National Congress. 

Directed and produced by John Irvin, Mandela's Gun was shot in South Africa. The film was released in 2016.

Nelson Mandela is portrayed by local actor Tumisho Masha, who became the first South African to play Mandela as a lead role in the film. 

The film also reveals extraordinary new evidence about not only the man himself and the brave individuals and nations who risked their lives to struggle alongside him, but also marks the first onscreen confession by one of the CIA agents who orchestrated Mandela’s final betrayal and capture at the hands of the Apartheid regime.