Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Picture: ©Marvel Studios 2018

Stephen Broussard, a producer at Marvel Studios, has confessed that making 'Captain America' was a "unique challenge".

The film studio was conscious that the iconic character - who is played by actor Chris Evans - "stands for certain idealisms of the American ideal", but they were also determined to ensure the franchise had a universal appeal.

Looking back on the making of 'Captain America: The First Avenger' in 2011, Stephen shared: "'Captain America was a unique challenge. We were very aware of how a film at that time - Bush era, jingoism - would be received and received globally. 

"These movies cost so much that they need to work globally. So we were really careful about - we were worried about it, we were worried about what it might mean to have a character called Captain America, who stands for certain idealisms of the American ideal."

Stephen explained that the studio was trying to strike a balance between remaining honest to the origins of the character, while also ensuring it didn't alienate the non-American fanbase.

He told Den of Geek: "We were worried about how that would be received but we also didn't want to be untrue to the roots of that character. I'm glad we stuck to our guns and there's an earnestness and there's not a cynicism to that character that you see in Steve Rogers to this day. 

"We didn't know how that would be received but ultimately it was received positively, the idea of a morally good person, a person who is in it for the right reason, and is that person at the beginning of the film and is that person at the end of the film was kind of a challenging road to walk and to see if it would be received."