Danny (Michael Ealy) shares his lonely dinner with his dog Pacino in Screen Gems' ABOUT LAST NIGHT.

DIRECTOR: Steve Pink
CAST: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant
RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes


An intelligent take on the one-act play by David Mamet titled Sexual Perversity in Chicago, About Last Night is also a rom-com remake of the 1986 film of the same name.

The story follows the trajectory of two couples and their very different relationships that unfold in Los Angeles.

Bernie (Kevin Hart) tags along as his best friend and work colleague Danny’s (Michael Ealy) wingman on a date with his new lady Joan (Regina Hall), who has coincidentally invited her best friend Debbie (Joy Bryant). Both are unlucky in love and often sidelined as the third wheel for their respective best friends.

Predictably, the two hit it off, fall hopelessly in love and things move at a quick pace from there. Their story becomes the central romance of the film, peppered with the witty, often raw banter and sexual chemistry between Hall and Hart.

Soon, though, the couples realise that love and relationships can often take severe knocks. Not much happens plot-wise in the film except the quick progression of the couples’ relationships from make-ups to break-ups. Hart and Hall manage a strong chemistry and keep the humour flowing.

Both relationships and their dilemmas are believable and realistic, with all parties involved just trying to find a way to love in spite of the difficulties that inevitably arise.

Hart plays his usual comedic self – loud and often ridiculous – but does so without distracting from any of the central developments of the story.

The film rises above the average rom-com and makes for a great date movie.

If you liked Think Like a Man and Love Jones, you will like this.