SUPPLE: Katrina Kaif in a dance scene in Dhoom 3.
SUPPLE: Katrina Kaif in a dance scene in Dhoom 3.
HOLDING THEIR OWN: Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan face off in Dhoom 3.
HOLDING THEIR OWN: Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan face off in Dhoom 3.


PICTURE this: men who are no less than superheroes. They speed across highways on their motorbikes, climb down skyscrapers, perform acrobatic feats, escape car crashes unhurt and are virtually bullet-resistant.

They are the masters of masquerades, camouflaging their façades quicker than chameleons change colours.

The men and their mean machines are back and so are their huge muscles, hot wheels and loaded weapons.

The fresh instalment of Dhoom stretches into novel territory (circus, magic), promising greater exhilaration.

Dhoom has expanded into a lucrative franchise – and it only gets larger in terms of scale: the budgets are bigger and the star power is colossal.

The question is, is this film superior to the earlier instalments?

In this case, what keeps you transfixed are the high-octane stunts, high-speed chases and dazzling action sequences highlighted by a stellar cast.

Additionally, the anxiety and conflict between the two factions set it apart from its predecessors. Add to this an extravagant production design.

Final word? Dhoom 3 delivers on its promises.

The film ups the ante as mean machines blaze across the screen in a dazzling display of stunt choreography.

But it’s not all mechanical mayhem; this one has heart and soul, too.

It would be sacrilegious to reveal the plot since there’s a suspense angle to it.

But let’s make it succinct.

Dhoom 3 tells the story of Sahir (Khan), who decides to avenge the injustice meted out to his father (Jackie Shroff) and how the cop, Jai (Bachchan), picks up his trail.


Agreed, you may find a few episodes implausible, but in terms of overall impact, it surpasses the earlier instalments .


The best part is that there’s no bond or connection with the earlier Dhoom instalments.

This third instalment has a fresh plot and, barring Jai and Ali, the focus is on Sahir and Aaliya, the newest incumbents.

While the premise has ample twists and turns, the screenplay does a great job of upping the thrill quotient. Also, the narrative advances at an eloquent tempo, with director Acharya making the spectator hold his or her breath and cheer at the same time.

The motive is to offer unabashed entertainment and Acharya excels in doing so in this endeavour.

A significant contribution to the Dhoom series has been made by the action choreographer and the fights, thrills, chases and stunts in Dhoom 3 are pulsating and, most significantly, cutting-edge.

The razor-sharp editing, awe-inspiring cinematography and well-designed CGI also merit an enthusiastic round of applause.

Pritam’s musical score captures the mood of the film well.

The song Dhoom Machale is featured again in this film, while Malang, Kamli and Dhoom Tap also stand out.

The choreography for Malang – quite apart from the spectacular and extravagant production design – is astounding.

Khan transforms into a meaty, muscled machine.

Displaying his well-toned physique, with ropy veins, and performing incredible acrobatics, you have to wonder: is there anything this actor can’t do?

He’s the life and soul of this enterprise, although Bachchan holds his own, especially in face-offs with Khan. And that’s not playing down his admirable effort.

Kaif looks ethereal and her acrobatics will catch you unawares. Moving with incredible grace in dance numbers, she’s sure to astonish the viewer with her agility.

Chopra is amusing and delightful, contributing vastly to the light moments in the enterprise. Shroff is equally wonderful, getting his character spot-on, while child actor Siddharth Nigam delivers a superb per- formance and is a talent to watch out for.

Andrew Bicknell as the antagonist is first-rate, but the same can’t really be said of Bethell, who merely gets by.

On the whole, Dhoom 3 is one solid entertainer that is loaded with attitude and star power and will leave fans of the series salivating for more. Miles ahead of its predecessors in the series, it will no doubt shatter records. –