DEDICATED: Jayam Ravi and Amala Paul.


DIRECTOR: P. Samuthirakani

CAST: Amala Paul, Jayam Ravi, Meghana Raj, Suri


RUNNING TIME: 152 minutes


IN spite of giving his best to his recent roles, Jayam Ravi single-handedly could not deliver a super-hit. So his latest movie, Nimirnthu Nil, has gained importance as a commercial hit and is very necessary for him at this stage of his career.

The Santhosh Subramaniam star has teamed up with Samuthirakani for Nimirnthu Nil. The combo generates a kind of curiosity in the minds of audiences as both have a different work ethic.

While the actor is known for his purely commercial image, the latter has made offbeat content, mainly friendship-themed flicks, with all the necessary commercial ingredients. So, what have they offered?

Samuthirakani, for a change, has chosen a vigilante theme. It is a tried-and-tested genre which often goes does well with audiences as it exposes the anger of a common man towards the corrupt system.

In Nimirnthu Nil too, an ordinary man takes the law into his own hands to uproot corruption. The director has taken his inspiration from the anti-corruption activities in India in recent years.

Arvind Swamy, played by Ravi, was raised in an ashram run by Nassar. He was taught high moral values, discipline, dignity, devotion etc. But when he leaves the place, his beliefs will be questioned.

It unsettles him and make him fight against an immoral the society. He decides to taken on the corrupt bureaucrats and his friend and journalist, Soori, played by Gopinath, joins him in his mission. They successfully expose 147 government officials including a court judge and an MP who are caught taking bribes. Now, all those corrupt officials team up to take on Arvind and his team.

What happens next is the interesting part of the story.

In the second half, Nimirnthu Nil does not live up to expectations as the script goes off track. The director tries to bring in too many things to the story and the vigilante part goes out the window.

Ravi is energetic and it is exciting to see him mature as an actor. He gets full marks for his role. But his dual characters are not completely justified. Amala Paul is just his arm-candy and doesn’t have much to do. Ragini Dwivedi is wasted.

Kaadhal Nergaiyil and Negizhiyinil are our favourite songs of the movie.

Overall, Nimirnthu Nil, which could have been a wonderful affair, turns out to be an average film. –