Prakash Raj and Sneha in a scene from the film.


DIRECTOR: Prakash Raj

CAST: Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi Tej




Prakash Raj is known for making clean and neat movies aimed at family audiences. His Abhiyum Naanum and Inidhu Inidhu are classic examples.

Now, he is returning with Un Samayal Arayil, the remake of hit Malayalam movie Salt N Pepper directed by Aashiq Abu. Prakash Raj, apart from playing the lead role, has produced and directed the Tamil version.Sneha plays the female lead.

Kalidasan (Prakash Raj) is an archaeologist and foodie. He doesn’t like changes and is not used to modern-day gadgets. His lifestyle choices, such as driving an old car and a lack of interest cellphones tell us something about his nature. He is a man who is happy to live in the past and to remember his lost love.

On the other end, there is the spinster Gowri (Sneha), who is a dubbing artiste. Her life is more or less the same. She is not happy with her life or her profession.

The only thing Gowri and Kalidasan are happy with is the fact that both love food!

At this juncture, Raj’s nephew comes to his home in search of a job. The story takes a twist when Gowri makes a wrong call to Kalidasan instead of a hotel to order dosa.

This is beginning of their relationship. Although their initial conversations are not pleasant, they become friends and gradually start liking each other. When the time comes for them to meet, they both decide to send their better-looking substitutes as they are concerned about physical appearances.

In spite of some drawbacks, Un Samayal Arayil is an engaging movie.

Raj is at his usual best. He has tried to live the role that perfectly fits his age. His companion, Sneha, is equally good. Their performances are backed by the acting of Tejas and Samyukta Hornad.

Illayaraaja’s background score is pleasing and there are a few good songs. Preetha gets full marks for her handling of the camera. The way she has captured the yummy foods has to be appreciated.

Verdict: Un Samayal Arayil is a complete family entertainer –