Hofmeyr roasted, but Roberts feels the burn.

FILM: “This feels like the roast of Kuli Roberts,” said someone I was watching this DVD with.

Hosted by Trevor Noah, this DVD sees the comedian (and other roastees) lambasting writer and TV personality, Kuli Roberts, about sexual habits, addictions and more.

Following in the tradition of American events were popular personalities are roasted, that is, made fun of, DStv’s Comedy Central decided to kick off a local version with Steve Hofmeyr.

So naturally, there are jokes about his infidelity, his gazillion kids, his attempt at being Mzansi’s Neil Diamond and, of course, the racism issue. But, as in all roasts, snapping on someone isn’t limited to the roastee.

The roasters were radio personality Anele Mdoda (who was by far the highlight of the night with her funny-but-true observations), comedians Casper de Vries, John Vlismas and David Kau, media personality Kuli Roberts and actors Robert Whitehead and Shaleen Surtie-Richards.

Bonus: Disc 2 features red carpet moments, Hofmeyr’s Bring It On music video, Tumi Morake warming up the stage and Leon Schuster’s Ode To Stephanus.

– Helen Herimbi