GOING ROUGE: Bucking parenthood’s norms.

A little scrappier and a tiny bit naughtier than usual for this sort of fare, it’s no surprise 'Fun Mom Dinner' is ultimately headed to Netflix, where clever algorithms will nudge it in the direction of folk likely to watch it on a night when they can’t get a babysitter.

Set in an unspecified corner of suburban Los Angeles, the story revolves around four families whose children all go to the same elementary school. Harried mother-of-two Emily (Katie Aselton) was a high-powered lawyer before she met husband Tom (Adam Scott). However, they’ve grown distant and exhausted by parenthood.

Kate (Toni Collette), though, keeps the love alive with husband Andrew (Rob Huebel), mostly due to her willingness to dispense fellatio during commercial breaks.

We learn nothing about the spouse of Melanie (the delightful Bridget Everett, in the ballsy big-woman role), but clearly, whoever he is, he’s totally irrelevant given the way she can organise her large brood every morning and still work a shift as the school’s crossing guard. Finally, meek Jamie (Molly Shannon) is trying to cope with the challenges of single parenthood and tentatively dipping a toe in the dating scene.

Of course, none of the women are what they seem. All is revealed over the course of one night out. It only takes some cocktails, a joint smoked in the parking lot and agreement about the faults and foibles of men to get the party started.