Daniel Craig in Logan Lucky.
'Logan Lucky' is a redneck Ocean’s Eleven. For his first feature film in four years, Steven Soderbergh has snuck back in on a back road with a goofy and steadily amusing tale of born losers who try to hit the jackpot by divesting an auto raceway of a few million bills.

This loose and shambling tale with a very attractive cast is highlighted by a wonderfully wacky, show-stealing turn by Daniel Craig as a down-home career criminal.

Channing Tatum is Jimmy Logan, a heavy equipment operator who loses his job, has forfeited all custody rights to his daughter and has no prospects when he heads over for a drink at the roadside bar tended by his Iraq War vet brother Clyde (Adam Driver).

So what do these down-on-their-luck good ol’ boys do to turn things around? Jimmy’s bright idea is to rob the mother lode of Nascar, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, during the Coca-Cola 600 on Memorial Day weekend.

An ace team is assembled to pull off the unlikely heist. Given their range of associates, the brothers track down the one-and-only Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) to help them.