Salman Khan

We are all aware of Salman Khan’s generosity and the actor has been spotted doing many generous deeds lately.

But considering that his film Jai Ho has been released, any generosity the actor shows is quite likely to be dismissed by critics as a publicity stunt.

In the past week, Khan was snapped by the media doing two generous acts.

He recently bumped into a 45-year-old man named Kailash Chandanshiv and his wheel-chair-bound son Vijay, who live in Belapur. After listening to their woes and learning of Vijay’s medical condition, Khan scribbled the name of a doctor on a piece of paper and promised Kailash he’d bear all expenses.

When the star noticed struggling singer Sallu Bhai on the road he asked him to sing. Khan listened – and did not object when the media took pictures. –