Leon Schuster attended a photo call today, Wed 13 June, at the Johannesburg Press Conference of the latest and highly anticipated Leon Schuster comedy Mad Buddies, due for release nationwide on Friday 22 June. The cast move on to the World Premiere in Johannesburg on Thursday 14 June and a nationwide roadshow in support of the film from Friday 15 June. ( Photo/Cobus Bodenstein.)

You might not recognise him, but this is Leon “Schuks” Schuster, formerly SA’s funniest and favourite baldy.

Appearing alongside fellow cast members at a Joburg press conference to promote his coming movie, Mad Buddies, Schuster, pictured, put on a playful smile to go along with a youthful plume of hair where his famous bald spot used to be.

However, a source revealed that Schuster had not done it for the movie but for personal reasons.

The Cape Argus has learnt that Schuster was tired of losing hair and decided implants was the way to go.

He follows a proud tradition of SA celebrities who have embraced implants, with Jacques Kallis and Derek Watts topping the list.

Mad Buddies tells the story of two archetypical SA characters: Boetie (Schuster) and Beast (Kenneth Nkosi). They work as game rangers in an anti rhino-poaching unit, until an “unfortunate event” pushes them apart…

“This is a Schuster that audiences are not used to seeing,” said Jared Stokes, spokesman for the film. “There are no candid camera pranks. Schuster doesn’t don costumes. It’s a good simple comedy.” - Cape Argus

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