Bella (Salma Hayek) and Scott (Kevin James) in Columbia Pictures' HERE COMES THE BOOM.

Here Comes The Boom

DIRECTOR: Frank Coraci

CAST: Kevin James, Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler


RUNNING TIME: 103 minutes


Kevin James is a naturally porky, I mean, funny guy. So obviously, Here Comes the Boom has plenty of slapstick shtick.

James is Scott Voss, a biology teacher who would rather dissect his feelings for the gorgeous Bella Flores (Salma Hayek) than frogs.

But before he can do that, he has to save the music department of the school where he teaches and by extension, save the job of his friend and music teacher, Marty (Henry Winkler). He needs to raise $48 000 to be a modern day Superman.

Scott takes up the challenge and starts putting in extra hours in a night job where he teaches citizenship class. Yeah, apparently that’s a thing, citizenship class. It’s where you go to school nightly to gain a green card.

Anyway, it’s in this class that Scott meets the ultra dodgy Niko, played by the badass that is retired mixed martial arts athlete Bas Rutten. Through their weird interactions, Scott, who used to wrestle in high school, finds out that he could compete in an MMA fight and, should he lose, he could limp away with $10 000.

Can you say ka-ching?

Obviously, this money-making plan doesn’t come without its trials. Aside from the fact that it’s rather hard to believe that a Salma Hayek would be an item with a Kevin James, Here Comes the Boom does have its cute moments.

So comedy lovers may chuckle a few times but serious movie lovers won’t want to spend popcorn money on this. Oh, and Jonah Hill totally looks like he could be Kevin James’ little brother, right? No? Okay.

If you liked … Dodge Ball: A True Underdog Story … then you won’t find this funny.