DSC8962: Director Donovan Marsh & Troye Sivan (Spud)

THE CAST of the SA movie Spud are on location at Sacs for the filming of the sequel.

The long-awaited Spud 2 has been filmed at the Newlands school for the past two weeks and the crew will move to a new location at the weekend.

Producer Ross Garland said the rainy weather had forced them to do most of the filming indoors – in the dormitories, the assembly hall and classrooms.

But on Wednesday actor John Cleese, Spud’s alcoholic English teacher, and the “Crazy Eight”, Spud’s friends, were running around on the rugby field.

Garland said the old school building was the perfect setting.

“It’s a beautiful building, the aged wood panels and the door frames make the rooms look very much like the rooms in the first location.”

The first film was shot at Michaelhouse in KwaZulu-Natal.

The movie is expected to be released during the school winter holidays next year. “The December holidays would’ve been too soon for us,” said Garland.

The cast remains the same with Australian singer and actor Troye Sivan playing Spud, or John Milton; John Cleese as “the Guv”, or Mr Edly; and Tanit Phoenix playing Mrs “Eve” Wilson.

The movie is set in SA around the time of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and is about a young boy who is nicknamed “Spud”. The story unfolds during Spud’s first year at a boarding school.

He befriends his English teacher, who lends him books.

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