Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Picture; Supplied

It’s no small compliment to say that the feature film derived from Teen Titans Go!, a popular children’s animated series, often proves far more enjoyable than the grown-up superhero blockbusters it spoofs. 

Although obviously geared to the small fry who will no doubt eat it up, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will provide many laughs for their adult chaperons as well. The modest animated feature is a definite boost to the DC Comics film universe.

Like the Cartoon Network show that inspired it, the film depicts the adventures of its titular teen heroes, including Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Robin (Scott Menville), Cyborg (Khary Payton), Raven (Tara Strong) and Starfire (Hynden Walch). 

The story revolves around the efforts of the group, disappointed over not having starred in a superhero movie of their own, attempting to rectify the situation by convincing a famed Hollywood director (Kristen Bell) to develop one for them. 

Complicating their plans is the dastardly villain Slade (the ubiquitous Will Arnett) and his scheme to conquer the world.

The storyline is only slightly less rudimentary than the Saturday morning TV-level animation, but it all serves as an effective vehicle for some very funny gags inspired by comic book movies, beginning with the clever spoofing of Marvel films’ opening graphics. 

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Picture: Supplied

Sure, the screenplay by Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath includes the requisite fart and poop jokes, which elicited hearty guffaws from the youngsters who had been shoehorned into the press screening. But it also features enough smart meta-humour to make the proceedings go down easy.

The Marvel films provide plenty of material for the gags, from the cameo appearance by an animated Stan Lee to an appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy, which prompts one character to point out, “That’s a different superhero universe!”.

Some of the more amusing running gags include Slade constantly being mistaken for Deadpool, much to his annoyance; the need for villainous characters to have names that are fun to intone in dramatic fashion; and the endless recycling of origin stories. 

One of the funnier segments concerns Robin’s disgruntlement about not being given his own feature film spin-off, especially considering that among the future ones being heavily promoted are movies starring the Batmobile and Alfred the butler (he’s billed as “The Ultimate Grime Fighter”). 

Comic book movie aficionados will also appreciate the in-joke of Nicolas Cage voicing Superman; the actor had once been attached to a Tim Burton project about the caped superhero.

Among the other celebrities making vocal contributions are Halsey as Wonder Woman, Lil Yachty as Green Lantern (the comment about that character’s ill-fated movie is priceless) and Jimmy Kimmel, of all people, as Batman. 

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Picture: Supplied

The film doesn’t limit itself to genre references but also includes random pop culture gags as well, such as an inspired take-off on The Lion King.

Considering the sombreness that afflicts so many DC universe releases, the tongue-in-cheek, albeit admittedly juvenile humour of Teen Titans Go! To 
the Movies should come as a welcome relief to fans.

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