DRESSED TO THRILL: Jacqueline Fernandez in Race 2. Pictures: apnatimepass.com
DRESSED TO THRILL: Jacqueline Fernandez in Race 2. Pictures: apnatimepass.com

Besides being Sri Lanka’s top beauty queen, Jacqueline Fernandez has managed to carve a niche for herself in Bollywood in a very short time. Topping the list of achievements is the racy thriller Race 2, in which she joins the legacy of the hit Race. Bollywood Hungama’s Satish Sundaresan spoke to her about her films and more...

Why the long gap after Housefull 2? Was it a conscious decision to not sign any films until now?

For me, it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. There were offers that came, which I turned down. If I am not 100 percent sure about an offer, it is always a “no” from me. While some saw this in a positive way, others saw this as a negative trait. But, let me also add that it’s me who is supposed to be in front of the camera. That’s why I will only do films with which I feel comfortable.

Let’s talk about Race 2. What was the the overall experience of shooting the film?

Race 2 is a franchise and sequel to Race. I have learnt a lot from the shoot, because I worked with really dynamic actors. And it’s the first time I had to put so much into a character, mentally and physically. I think this role was one of the most challenging for me, as I had to prepare the most for it. Overall, it was the most enjoyable and relaxed time of my life as the whole unit was more than a family to me.

Shed some light on your character in the film

I play Omisha, who is a con artist. She is a very edgy, grungy, action-packed type of girl. She has lots of interesting traits. Even though she seems to be a tough cookie, she has to play every single scene subtly, showing that she is concealing a deep, dark secret. That was a challenge for me, as I had to keep that in my mind every time I got into character. What I love about Omisha is that she is new age and a “right now” kind of girl. I love the fact that she doesn’t come across as a sweet, innocent girl; rather she comes with a warning that says “beware! I can kick your butts anytime!” (Laughs).

Since this will be the first time you’ll attempt a role with negative hues, weren’t you apprehensive doing so so early in your career?

Actually no, because this is something I had wanted to do for a very long time. This was one role where I could prove my mettle in handling the negative shades. One has to see the film to know what I am talking about.

First Housefull 2, now Race 2; this is your second film in which you have been paired opposite John Abraham. How is your working chemistry with him?

The great thing about having worked with John in Race 2 is that we are comfortable with each other and know each other’s style of working. He is always a pleasure to work with. He doesn’t interfere in other’s work and the conversations with him can go beyond movies.

What are the locations of the film’s shoot?

We shot most of the movie in Turkey and the rest in Mumbai.

Besides you, the film stars Ameesha Patel and Deepika Padukone, which must have equated to a lot of girl bonding. True?

Absolutely. It’s always fun when you get to work with other actresses as you learn so much and understand each other’s comfort zones and style of working. I had my first experience of working with female co-stars in Housefull 2. Working with a gang of girls was indeed a nice and memorable experience.

Is it true that you sport Angelina Jolie’s Salt look in the film? Who designed your costumes? Was it tough to zero in on the look?

The person in charge of that department is Anaita Shroff. Also, let me set the record straight – there was no reference/s taken from anyone (including Angelina) as far as my look in the film is concerned. When we sat down to decide on my look, the only aspect we were looking for was the stuff today’s youth could relate to. We wanted to mix the tomboyish with a feminine one.

What were the preparations you did for the role of Omisha?

Since I knew my role was action-based, I had to look physically and mentally fit. I worked with a personal trainer on attaining the perfect physique I wanted for the role. We also changed our workout routine, which was now more gymnastics based, as there were quite a few action scenes that we wanted to pull off successfully. – bollywoodhungama.com