Cape Town - 'Mitchells Plain - The Movie' has been aired for the first time on Cape Town TV.

The movie, made by two friends from Mitchells Plain, is about the everyday lives of the residents from the area.

Producer Robin van der Byl, 26, said that after working on some community projects he felt he needed to tell the other side of his community’s story.

“I wrote the movie because I was trying to change what people think of Mitchells Plain, and at the same time showcase the talent we have in our community,” said Van der Byl.

He said all people read and saw on TV about Mitchells Plain was negativity, drugs and gangsterism.

He said he felt excited when the movie was going to be on TV because a lot of people will get to see it.

He promised there would be a DVD of the movie out very soon for those who missed Friday’s screening.

“This is not my last movie project.

“I’m working on the next one already,” said Van der Byl.

Director Andrew Bennett said the one-hour, 50-minute movie was a no-budget movie with a cast of about 40 people, all from Mitchells Plain.

He said the whole movie was shot in different locations from poor to affluent parts of Mitchells Plain.

Bennett said that when the residents heard of the project they wanted to be part of it because they also wanted to change people’s perceptions of Mitchells Plain.

“It is about three characters who are going through different problems but come out of them at the end, because in every situation there is a solution”.

Bennett said it took them about two years to make the film and the final product is what they wanted.

“We’ve had two premieres in Delft and Mitchells Plain and the response has been positive and encouraging; people enjoyed it,” he said.

Cape Argus