Celeste And Jesse Forever

DIRECTOR: Lee Toland Krieger

CAST: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg and Elijah Wood


RUNNING TIME: 89 minutes


When we meet them, it’s been a few years since best friends turned lovers then BFFs again, Celeste (Jones) and Jesse (Samberg) have been married then separated.

But Jesse still lives in their marital home’s garage which was supposed to be turned into an art studio had Jesse got off his butt and actually committed to something for once. Celeste’s sentiments, not mine.

So of course things come to a halt when, after they decide to see other people, but remain inseparable, Jesse tells Celeste some life-changing news. The crux of this Celeste and Jesse Forever is how the ultra geeky pair successfully, or otherwise, move on after this point of no return. The “otherwise” is quite a hilarious journey.

Awkwardly funny IT girl, Jones – who is like the darker skinned Zooey Deschanel – plays a very sweet but potty-mouthed trends analyst who pens parody books such as The Shitegeist and seldom takes advice from her smartypants gay business partner, Scott.

Elijah Wood acts out that role a little too convincingly.

Samberg is the cool to Jones’s fiery and acts like a fratboy in a married man’s body.

Samberg and Jones are known for being comedy/ sketch regulars (The Office, SNL, etc) so there is plenty of funny thrown in.

In a kind of revenge of the nerds way, it’s obvious they were trying to subvert the predictable drivel found in rom-coms by offering a more realistic, modern portrayal of relationships, but they fall short in that they try too hard.

They overreach with the storyline of Celeste’s dismal attempt at dating.

But on the upside, they have the best soundtrack – from Bobby Caldwell to Biz Markie – of the year to mirror their lives. The cinema-tography is romantic, Los Angeles looks gorgeous at night, the montage at the beginning of the film serves as a beautiful visual quick study of Jesse and Celeste’s relationship.

While it’s quite an emotional trip, there’s no need to bring tissues to the cinema for this. But definitely bring your funny bone.

If you liked … Love Jones … you will enjoy this.