Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking, left, and Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde in a scene from 'The Theory Of Everything'. Picture: AP

With the passing of Stephen Hawking on Wednesday, we decided to look at the some of the most memorable scenes from 'The Theory of Everything' starring Eddie Redmayne. 

The biopic chronicles Hawking and his ex-wife Jane Hawking, played by Felicity Jones, during their tenure at Cambridge University in the 1960s. 

The film looks at how Hawking dealt with his motor neurone disease diagnosis, and how in spite of it, he still become known as Einstein's successor.


In honour of his passing, here are 5 memorable scenes from the biopic: 

1. The Black Hole Thesis


In this scene, Hawking shapes his thesis based on Roger Penrose discussing his black hole theory.

2. It's Called Motor Neurone Disease


Here Hawking is diagnosed with motor neurone disease and discovers what it does. 

3. An Extraordinary Theory


Having some mobility still left in his body, Hawking appears before a panel of Cambridge professors and approve his space/time singularity theory.

4. Welcome to the Future


In this scene, Hawking uses the speech synthesizer for the first time which becomes his primary form of communication. 

5. While There is Life, There is Hope


In one of his famous talks, Hawking answers questions from the audience with regards to his beliefs. 

Images Credits: Youtube Screenshot