Boys, directed by Mischa Kamp. Picture from IMDB.
Boys, directed by Mischa Kamp. Picture from IMDB.

5 queer rom-coms to watch on date night

By Lebohang Mosia Time of article published May 13, 2019

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Sure, we all love a serious, arty, independent movies – but sometimes all you need is a rom-com to brighten up a Saturday night or chill after the end of a long week hard at work. But does it have to be another heterosexual couple navigating the fun and mishaps of new love?

We think it’s great that there is an increasing amount out there in terms of queer cinema, but it can often be a bit heavy and depressing. 

The question is: where are all the queer rom-com movies? 

No need to worry – we’re here to help with this list of great queer rom-com movies that you really should have seen by now.

Jenny’s Wedding

"Jenny’s Wedding" is a romantic comedy that stars Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel as a couple planning their wedding and dealing with Jenny’s family, who aren’t too excited about her marrying a woman. "Jenny’s Wedding" tends to hit the audience over the head a little, but if you have a soft spot for Alexis Bledel, Katherine Heigl, and lesbian weddings, get watching right away.

The Way He Looks

"The Way He Looks" is a Brazilian, coming-of-age, romantic film that follows Leo, a blind high school student, and Gabriel, a new student at school. Leo’s best friend Giovana is interested in Gabriel, but Leo and Gabriel slowly become closer. "The Way He Looks" won the Teddy Award for the best LGBT-themed feature, and the FIPRESCI Prize for the best feature in the Panorama section.


"Cloudburst" isn't a first date movie; it’s a movie you watch with your girlfriend. This romantic Canadian adventure comedy follows Stella and Dotty, a lesbian couple from Maine who go on a road trip to get to Nova Scotia to get married (prior to marriage equality times) when Dotty is moved into a nursing home by her granddaughter. Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker play the couple on the run, and have perfect chemistry and comedic timing throughout.


"Jongens" (which translates to English as Boys) is a film from the Netherlands. The story follows Sieger, a fifteen-year-old boy who lives with his widowed father and his brother. Sieger, along with two other boys - Tom and Marc - are chosen to represent their local athletics team at a national championship relay. Marc and Sieger begin a secret relationship, with Sieger insisting he’s not gay. Over the course of the film, Sieger learns to accept his sexual orientation

(Spoiler! If you want to plan a double feature, pair Boys with The Way He Looks. Both romantic coming-of-age films end with cute couples riding away together on bikes!).

Boy Culture

"Boy Culture" is a 2006 film adapted from Matthew Rettenmund’s 1995 novel of the same name. The film follows an escort who describes his romantic relationships with his two roommates and an older client. The movie won Best Screenplay at Outfest in 2006.

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