Award-winning director, producer, and scriptwriter, Kumaran Naidu.
Award-winning director, producer, and scriptwriter, Kumaran Naidu.

'Broken Promises 4-Ever' raking in R1m in just three days

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Aug 2, 2018

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Multi-talented Kumaran Naidu is overwhelmed by the success of his latest cinema offering.

"Broken Promises 4-Ever," raked in R1 million at the box office in just three days at 15 sites. The film is the fourth installment of the popular Broken Promises franchise. 

“This is the first time a Broken Promises film has been available widely on the big screen. The first two were straight to DVD and the third one did a limited cinema run. We are truly overwhelmed and incredibly happy with the audience response. 

"The film will now be available at additional cinemas to make sure the public can get to see it," said Naidu, the award-winning director, producer, and scriptwriter. 

The film follows the antics of the Padayachee family and all the favourite characters from the previous movies, Amsugi, Reuben, Saras, Bommi, and others are back. It now follows a format similar to that of previous films in the franchise, but reverses the roles. The focus is now on the relationship between father-in-law and son-in-law.

"It’s a modern take on the dysfunctional family, and deals with issues between in-laws, which are typical for most Indian homes, and indeed many homes in general,"said Naidu.

He said Many people will be able to relate to this story as they wonder what the solution will eventually be for a poor couple who basically have everything working against them.

The film was shot in Verulam, Phoenix, Tongaat and the Durban CBD.

“The franchise  been extremely popular with audiences. They love the shenanigans of the Singh's and Padayachee's, and the crazy comedy of Kumaran’s approach to film. We are delighted that while it’s a story about Indian in-laws, it’s obviously speaking to everyone who has ever had family troubles,"said producer Fadeen Mia.

Watch the trailer here: 

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