Erykah Badu. Picture: Twitter

By now, you know that the inimitable Erykah Badu is headed back to Mzansi to perform at the DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival, powered by Vodacom. She and a host of other international and local acts will be in Gauteng for the two-day festival on 22 and 24 September.

But a few months after that, her new movie will hit cinemas. "Remember What Women Want"? Yeah, there is now a reboot of that film. In January 2019, the new film hits the big screen in America and Ms Badu has scored a role in it.

Picture this: Taraji P Henson plays a sports agent who is convinced that she’s about to be promoted and make it into the big time. When that doesn’t happen, she goes on a bender, a few things happen and she wakes up with the miraculous ability to hear every man’s every thought.

Now will she use that new power for good or evil? Erykah plays some kind of healer who has quirky ways and if the trailer is anything to go by, the singer has a funny role.