Glenn Close poses upon arriving for the Time 100 Gala celebrating Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in New York, U.S., April 23, 2019. Picture: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Hollywood star Glenn Close has vowed to never film in states that have strict anti-abortion laws.

The 'Wife' star is speaking out in support of those fighting against new American abortion laws, which would see the outlaw of most terminations once "a fetal heartbeat" is detected, a development that usually occurs at around six weeks.

She wrote on Instagram: "Me with one of my best, high school friends, at this past Tuesday's demonstration against the latest anti-abortion bills, signed by various governors. I am filming in Georgia this summer, but, if these bills become law, I won't be working for film companies in any if those states. 

As a female American, in the 21st century, I still cling to hope for our fragile, fractious democracy. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of choice, as far as our bodies are concerned. I also wonder what the issues would be if men had babies!"

Glenn is not the only star to speak up about the law, with actress Jameela Jamil recently revealing the law "hurts her heart".

She wrote on Twitter: "This anti-abortion law in Georgia is so upsetting, inhumane, and blatantly demonstrative of a hatred of women, a disregard for our rights, bodies, mental health, and essentially a punishment for rape victims, forcing to carry the baby of their rapist ... This hurts my heart in so many different ways ... I can't imagine having fallen pregnant and being FORCED BY LAW to carry his baby to term, and see someone who looked like him every day, otherwise I can get the death penalty?! How do we help the women of Georgia? And Northern Ireland where this nightmare is ongoing. (sic)"

States including Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Utah, Alabama and Arkansas have all passed the law in the recent weeks.