Director Idris Elba attends the premiere of Yardie at the BFI Southbank, London, Britain. Picture: Reuters

British star Idris Elba has admitted that directing his first movie has caused him to reconsider his approach to acting.

The London-born star has helmed the new crime drama 'Yardie', and Idris has admitted that the experience has led him to look at acting in a new light.

He shared: "I've always been sympathetic when directors have actors who are difficult to work with.

"'Guys, I've got a million things to deal with, I don't need your issues right now.' Actors are a really important part of the film engine but after working with actors that are super-dedicated - dedicated to the point where you couldn't ask any more and young and eager to impress and who just went for it - it made me look at my own dedication. 

"How much time am I giving the director to work to rehearse? How many times am I prepared to do it again differently if they ask me? Do I know my lines? I've always been an actor that wants to contribute to a happy crew. Now I'm going to work even harder to get there."

'Yardie' is set in east London in the 1980s, and Idris has incorporated some of his own experiences of living in the city during that period into the movie.

He told the Irish Times newspaper: "This story was definitely tapping into my memory banks. 

"I can tell you about the type of wallpaper in the pubs or that might have been in D's house. 

"It's really interesting that the feedback from the beginning has been about the era. There's a generation of kids that wouldn't have a clue what was going on in London back then. 

"I wanted that younger audience to see it and think, 'Wow, that's when my mum and dad were growing up.'"