Niza Jay and Bongile Mantsai in their roles on Inxeba. Photo: Supplied
‘Inxeba’ (The Wound) has been ‘unbanned’ by a Pretoria High Court Order and will be back on mainstream cinema screens again from Friday, March 9.

This is the result of a High Court order granted on Tuesday, in the urgent application brought by Webber Wentzel on behalf of the film’s producers and distributor to reverse the X18 rating and enables the film to return to the public domain and be relieved of its imprisonment in sex shops, branded as pornography. 

Tweeps on the other hand have reacted with a 'told ya' vibe towards Contralesa Gauteng, The Man and Boy Foundation and the FPB's Appeals Tribunal who were opposing the bid by the film's producers to get the decision reversed. 

While this outcome has provided momentary relief to the film as it can be screened in mainstream cinema with the rating of 18,  the lifting of the ban is, however, only temporary, pending the outcome of review proceedings before the court, which will be heard on March 28.

Here are some of Mzansi's reactions to the ruling: 
In other instances, Tweeps were wondering if the opponents of the film would take this "lying down": And everyone else was just celebrating this momentary victory:
And because we like you, here's the movie trailer — just in case you are going to the cinema on Friday: