Lee Daniels plans gay superhero film

Lee Daniels. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Lee Daniels. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published Jan 17, 2019


Lee Daniels has a gay superhero movie based on viral sensation SuperBitch "in the pipeline".

The 59-year-old filmmaker has decided to make his "dream" movie after being captivated by viral sensation SuperBitch aka Dremon Cooper - who rose to fame after his comedy videos of him fighting against homophobia and doing backflips in thigh-high hot pink heeled boots became an online sensation - and he wants to bring his story to the big screen.

Lee shared a video on Instagram, in which Dremon also appeared, and said: "Do you all remember maybe 10, 12 years ago I said my dream was to make a gay superhero film?"

He captioned the post: "10 years ago folks thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make a gay superhero flick.... it's not my next one... but it's in the pipeline #gaysuperhero (sic)"

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....10 years ago folks thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make a gay superhero flick.... it’s not my next one... but it’s in the pipeline 🦸🏽‍♂️🌈👊🏾 #gaysuperhero

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Dremon is very excited about the project and praised the 'Empire' creator as an "amazing" man.

He commented on the post: "Dreams really do come true!! I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only [Lee Daniels].

"You're an amazing man filled with great ideas. I [can't] wait to work with you."

Lee's announcement came a few days after the 'Butler' filmmaker slammed homophobic attacks and urged people to stand together and vowed to do what he could to "fight" the issue.

He said in an Instagram video: "I'm compelled to talk to my gay brothers and sisters, youth and adult, to tell you that it's OK to be who you are, to stand firmly in your shoes and be exactly who you want to be.

"This past week my cousin was beat up for being gay and I am sick of hearing these stories.

"It's the beginning of a new year and we need to do better. We need to continue to remember to love and to turn against the hate that we're seeing out there. But we all need to fight that fight together.

"For all the people who are hurting, who are struggling, and who are trying to find some meaning in this life, I am here to say if you need a safe place or a ear to listen, then I'm here.

"I'm listening to what you're saying and what you're going through. I am standing up for you and will continue to fight for you.

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