‘Two Hues’ makes history as Africa’s first NFT funded feature film

A scene from the award-winning South African film ’Two Hues’. Picture: Supplied

A scene from the award-winning South African film ’Two Hues’. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 11, 2022


South African short film “Two Hues” has become the first film project in Africa to be funded in the NFT space.

The lead actress, co-director and writer of “Two Hues”, Weaam Williams is set to pitch “Two Hues” for the first time at the Berlinale European Film Market on Friday to an audience of studio representatives, financiers and distributors.

The NFT launch is taking place simultaneously to allow the public to get involved in this new frontier.

Tribal Alchemy Productions will also launch a voting poll for NFT holders, to participate in the creative process.

“There are many members of the public who wish to support my work and participate in the process. Here is an opportunity to support me as I venture to be among the pioneers of African film in the NFT space,” says Williams.

“Two Hues” is a short psychological drama and an exploration of the artistic nature of a manic-depressive.

The film delves into the world of the feminine psyche and explores the duality of patriarchy, whilst making a statement against gender based violence.

The NFT system is revolutionary as it democratises art, and puts more power in the hands of creators and their supporters, without onerous grant systems. It allows for transparent investment opportunities into cinema, with a smart contract deployed in the blockchain.

“I am excited beyond measure with the opportunity this space presents to filmmakers, particular those in Africa,” she adds.

“I am in conversation with a few directors from South Africa, however, at the moment I am leaving the space open for the marketplace as I am also willing to work with a director from another country.”

“Two Hues” garnered five awards during its festival run in 2021, including Best Women Empowerment Film, Berlin Short Film Festival, Best Lead Actress in a short, West Europe International Film Festival and Best Featurette, Wallachia Film Festival Romania.

For more information visit Tribal Alchemy or NFT website.

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