The Grinch is coming back to our screens in December this year. Photo: Youtube
The Grinch that we have all come to know and love will be returning to the big screen on December 7 this year.  In a new trailer for the film that has been released, the big question is: Do you have a Resting Grinch Face? It's time to look in the mirror. 

While you do that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, this story will not be a remake of 2000 hit  The Grinch that stole Christmas, but rather an origins story about where the Grinch came from, and how he became The Grinch. 

The head of Illumination Entertainment, the company responsible for this film, Chris Melendandri, said, speaking at the Cinema Con earlier this year;  "This original story is filled with imaginative imagery and has tremendous heart." The original, penned by children's author Dr Seuss in 1957, was written in rhymed verse and featured illustrations by the author. 

See the new trailer below: