Kaali stars Vijay Antony and Anjali in the lead roles.

Score: 2/5

Kaali is the first collaboration between Vijay Anthony and director Kiruthika Udhayanithi. Noted for his emotionally driven performances in movies like Pichikaran and Annadurai, Vijay Anthony has carved a niche market with his special brand of acting. Does he continue with the magic in Kaali?

Bharath (Vijay Anthony) lives in the United States and is a sought after surgeon. He has adorable parents who lavish on their son all the perks of a wealthy lifestyle. His father is also a doctor. A family medical emergency hits Bharath a devastating blow. He has to face the reality that he was adopted. He travels to Tamil Nadu in search of his biological parents. He also feels that the repeated nightmares that he has been having is a sign for him to return to the place of his childhood to find the answers he so desperately seeks. Bharath’s journey, taking us through a series of flashbacks,  to find his parents forms the remainder of the plot of Kaali.

Kiruthika is credited for an emotion packed sentimental drama. A swift narrative and a tighter screenplay would have added great value to the movie. The proceedings do pick up in the second half making for engaging viewing.

Vijay Anthony in a tailor made role is stuck in this mould and it would be refreshing to see him break this mould in his forthcoming movies. However, he delivers a neat performance.

Yogi Babu’s humour enlightens the journey and is a major plus for the movie. Anjali ,Sunaina and  Amritha provide adequate support. R K Suresh is convincing as the villain. Nasser and Jayprakash are under- utilized. Vijay Anthony’s background score and songs suit this genre of movie. Richard M Nathan's camera work and Lawrence Kishore's editing are a definitely boost  for the movie.

Kaali is a melodramatic, slow moving, sentimental drama that is laced with some good humour.