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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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‘Indemnity’ packed with action and talent

Jarrid Geduld as Theo Abrahams in Indemnity. Picture: Supplied

Jarrid Geduld as Theo Abrahams in Indemnity. Picture: Supplied

Published May 13, 2022


Honestly, I was a bit sceptical about the movie “Indemnity”, a local action film about an ex-fireman suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who, unable to return to work, turns to alcohol.

The story sees Theo Abrahams (Jarrid Geduld) dealing with a series of unprecedented events that rock his world and forces him to fight for survival.

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While “Indemnity” does take its time getting to the essence of the film, once it got there, any doubts I had were eased.

The execution of the film is very much Hollywood standards. Set in Cape Town, it serves as the perfect backdrop for the film.

Theo finds himself on he run after his journalist wife Angela (Nicole Fortuin) is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect.

He then has to try and figure out who killed his wife while grappling with doubts of his innocence.

Jarrid Geduld as Theo Abrahams and Susan Danford as Dr Gillian Tunbridge in Indemnity.

During his investigation, Theo ends up creating a bigger mess as many people are killed on his quest for the truth.

Well, you can’t have action movies without some casualties.

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“Indemnity” is action packed, the stunts which Geduld did on his own, are amazing. There is one scene that stood out where Theo jumps from one hotel floor to a few below.

This character is forced into survival mode and does what he must to make it to the end.

Geduld is an amazing actor, his ability to transform and embody a character is praiseworthy. His performance as Abie in “The Ellen Pakkies Story” lingers as he proves his prowess once again. He was certainly deserving of the Best Actor award at the 2018 Silwerskerm Festival for that movie.

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South African writer-director Travis Taute understood the assignment as there is no missing action part to this film.

Detective Rene Williamson portrayed by Gail Mabalane, was probably my biggest let down. I was really rooting for this character but it seems Deputy Chief Alan Shard’s (Andre Jacobs) initial predictions about her are spot on.

Let’s just say, she makes moves that scream, ‘Oh no she didn’t!’

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Jarrid Geduld in an action scene from the movie Picture: Supplied

“Indemnity” unfortunately does ride the coattail of Hollywood action blockbusters and I think a dash of “localness” would have elevated it a bit and by this I don’t mean languages.

The film is predominantly in Afrikaans with some English, here and there.

Maybe some gang wars mixed with some government corruption, would have worked better.

Government conspiracies and medical testings don’t immediately resonate with South African audiences.


I would recommend this movie if you appreciate local talent because this cast is amazing and they do a stellar job.

“Indemnity” is showing at cinemas, nationwide.