The changing face of antagonists in Tamil cinema.

Score: 4/5

Irumbu Thirai deals with the theme of cyber crime which is prevalent these days, making many ordinary citizens fall prey to this attack.  In a data driven society as ours awareness of such matters are always welcome and this is exactly what Irumbu Thirai does.

Kathiravan (Vishal), a major in the Indian army has demons of his own to deal with. Compounding this is his father’s habit of being a serial money borrower which Kathiravan vehemently disapproves of.  Hence he leaves home to start a new life only to be advised by his psychiatrist Rathi Devi (Samantha) to return to his village and work through his issues. Due to his circumstances, much against his will, Kathiravan is forced to take a loan from the bank to finance his sister’s marriage.

When the entire amount of money disappears from his bank account, Kathiravan’s anger and concern knows no bound. He sets off to track the scampsters and unknowingly, enters the dangerous world of White Devil (Arjun).

The remainder of the screenplay plays out as an  edge of the seat cat and mouse game between Kathiravan and White Devil.

Debutant director Mithran excels in the manner in which he handles the script. His extensive research is visible. His treatment of the antagonist and the build up to his introduction is especially noteworthy. The screenplay is crisp and Mithran makes a sparkling debut.

Vishal in a flawless performance has his fans entertained in the fight scenes. His build and height lends credibility to his role as an army officer. He also emotes very well which is evident in the touching scenes with his father.

Delhi Ganesh’s performance as Kathiravan’s father is effortless and convincing.

Arjun as the smart, suave yet deadly antagonist executes his role to perfection. It is refreshing to see the changing face of antagonists in Tamil cinema of late.

Cinematography by George Williams and his clever use of light and camera from the beautifully framed village scenes to the fight sequences adds sheen to the movie.

The fight sequences are also very well choreographed.

YS Raja’s background score is in sync with the theme of the movie, with “Azhageh” the best among the songs.

Irumbu Thirai deals with a topical challenge that many will identify with. Hence, this engaging thriller makes for compelling viewing.